Creative Ways to Decorate on a Budget

Happy 2022 Tribe!

Marie here. The saying goes, “less is more.”  Whether you are completely revamping your living space, moving into a bigger home, or decorating for the first time, this post is for you. Kristy and I have both moved around a LOT and have put together our best tips for making a living space your own without breaking the bank.

*Insert philosophical life message here* One thing I have learned in my short time living in Switzerland is that less is more and spending more time doing things that fill you up are more important than doing things that run you down. You get where I’m going? The feeling of going and going without the fulfillment? The feeling of buying a million “things” off of the internet because it will get to you the next day, but you forget about them weeks later? It’s almost like I’ve been shedding this superficial layer to find that I can do and live more with less. I know I got a little deep on that one y’all, but hang in there with me. 

I sold all of my furniture and decor when I moved to Switzerland and inherited everything in my husband's apartment. He is one of the cleanest people I know and very much a minimalist. While minimalism has its perks, the apartment was missing the warm and cozy vibe I strived to create in my last apartment. I have started to slowly incorporate pieces (with more to come over time), but have found that a little can go a long way! Below are a few tips to fill your space without buying all of the (unnecessary) things so you can spend your hard earned dollars on living your best life!

1. Spend money on quality pieces…but I thought you said to spend less?! If you buy a cheap rug, pillow, pair of jeans, etc you are going to end up buying more of these over time. Invest in quality that lasts and you will save money! Dollar spot items can be great “fillers” that are more for show than use. We wrote a blog post that explains the quality of our Kilim rugs here and why they are worth the investment. These beauties are timeless last a lifetime!

I brought home a Moroccan Berber rug from our last trip to Marrakech and it completely transformed our space. The rug is dual sided, with thick pile on one side for fall and winter with flat woven detail on the other perfect for spring and summer. I then added a cactus silk pillow and white string lights to complete the feel of our living room giving you a warm hug. Check out the before and after pictures below! If you are looking for a rug to change up or complete a space in your home or office you can check out our collection here. If you are looking for a certain style or size, you can send us a custom order inquiry and our team will work to find the perfect piece for your living space. 

 2. Plants give life. But really, house plants not only produce more oxygen for cleaner air in your home, but are also known to lower stress and improve your mood. Aesthetically, plants add dimension and are a small fraction of the cost of adding furniture. Our co-founder, Kristy, is our resident plant lady and you can see a glimpse of her home below. 

3. underrated. Not only does thrifting reduce your carbon footprint, but is also a fun way to find unique pieces to add to your home. Are you looking for decorative glasses for your bar cart or vintage picture frames? Thrift them. There are so many great finds for a fraction of the cost that just need a little TLC. 

4. Friends and family- Do your parents or friends have boxes of “things” that are sitting in a closet collecting dust? There’s probably a handful of tag still on b and never used items that could use a new home. Recently, I went through some boxes of things my grandmother was getting rid of and let me tell you, it was a GOLD MINE! I walked away with vintage Waterford Crystal whiskey and brandy glasses and more from the 1970’s. 

5. Neutral bed linens-We recommend white or gray, but any neutral color will allow you to add your favorite colors or change living tones based on seasons or even your current mood. 😉 Personally, I love a simple white comforter with any pillows from our Junglesque Collection

 6. DIY...We have to give a shout out to our favorite "Do It Yourself" extraordinaire, Kylie from Living with the Lamberts. She says, "If I can do these DIYs- YOU CAN TOO! I found it's very much "mind over matter" in terms of using power tools and trying new things." DIY can be a fraction of the cost verses buying something new OR you can upgrade what you already have with a fresh coat of paint or changing fixtures like new knobs on your cabinets.

7. Mood lighting. White string lights aren’t just for the holidays. Inside or outside, these lights help set a relaxing mood after the sun goes down. They are also very affordable. (Pro tip-you can usually find them for 50% off after the holidays!) We love lighting candles in the evening too. Our handmade Moroccan Nights Brass Candle Holder sets the perfect ambiance. 

We hope you have found these tips helpful and be sure to tag us on social media if you try any of them! Make sure to check out Casahara Bazaar to add thoughtful touches of swoonworthy decor to your home.  ✨


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