Happy Mother's Day Tribe!

Happy Mother's Day Weekend Tribe! 

Marie here and I am so excited to share about the backbone of Casahara Bazaar, our moms! Kristy and I are blessed to have such an amazing support system not only with our moms, but also with so many amazing women who have always lead by example and helped us grow. We realize that this day may look different for everyone and mother figures are not always related by DNA. Cheers to the strong women in everyone's lives who have made an impact! 

When we started dreaming about Casahara Bazaar, our mothers were the first to voice words of encouragement and offer their support. They are not afraid to give us their opinion when we send them pictures of pieces we have found during our travels 🤪 , but we always value their input. While it's not ideal for their only daughters to live halfway around the world, they will do anything to help our dreams come true. Both have had the opportunity to visit us in Switzerland and thanks to WhatsApp and social media, communication is easy even with a 9 hour time difference. 

Meet Kristy's mom, Mary. She had supported Kristy with the launch of her first business 4 year ago, The Nomad Nextdoor, by hosting friends and family at her home to shop the collection of handbags and jewelry from Bali as well as handling the shipping (out of her home) for over a year. Mary now supports CH by assisting working markets in San Diego as well as spreading the word of our business with her inner circle. Her favorite Casahara pieces are the Bali Brass spoons as she loves to host and has used the 22cm spoons to serve dips and the 14cm spoons, forks, and knives for charcuterie. 

Meet Karen, Marie's mom, who packages and ships CH orders when Marie and Kristy are not in California! She has been a true champion taking on this endeavor while also working full time. She has been gracious to use her spare bedroom to house product and shipping materials. When 120 pounds of Moroccan poufs and Cactus Silk pillows showed up at her door, she took it in stride and was happy to help organize our new collection. Karen has loved being an integral part of starting our small business and takes pride in packaging each order. Her favorite Casahara pieces are the (now sold out) Moroccan Nights Brass Candle Holders and the Rattan Bali placemats from our newest Bali collection. 

We hope you enjoy this Mother's Day whether you are able to celebrate with you favorite lady or are a celebrated mom yourself. Kristy and her husband Nico will be celebrating by driving to Utah for a two week RV trip with her parents, while Marie will celebrate her mom from afar. Marie was lucky enough to spend quality time with Karen while she was in California earlier this month. 

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support our small business and we are so excited to continue this adventure of sourcing swoonworthy home decor! 



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