Kilim' me Softly...

Sounds like “Kill-him.” Ladies, ya with me? 😉 But seriously, Kilim is a pileless textile that is flatwoven and made of wool. Pile is meant to describe the density of a rug. Think of Kilim as thin and flat and a shag carpet as a dense thick pile. Most Kilim is hand made on looms with a weaving technique, rather than being hand knotted like most carpet. 

Kilim dates back to ancient times, originating in Turkey. Each handmade piece is unique and it is especially rare to find two pieces that are similar. However, in some instances it is possible. Check out our vintage rugs handmade by the same family. 🤯 Every Kilim is a piece of art that tells a story. 

Why Kilim? 1) It is extremely versatile. While most people will use Kilims as accent rugs, they can also be used as tablecloths, window covers, or wall hanging art. If hung in a window, the sun will cast the print of the Kilim onto the floor and illuminate your home. 2) They are high quality made with 100% wool for durability and one rug can even be made with several blends of wool. Kilims are made to last generations with some vintage Kilims being hundreds of years old. There are also small holes throughout the vintage Kilim to keep the rugs from stretching out. 3) They are unique pieces made to be a statement in one’s home. Kilim rugs and pillows can be bright and bold, light and neutral, or somewhere in between. They add warmth to any space and express the creativity of each artisan. 

New Kilim vs Vintage Kilim is made on a power loom and often is also blended with cotton. They are typically softer to the touch and are machine washable (but please don’t put in the drier). Our customers are the first to own new Kilim pieces, but know that the designs can be replicated. Benefits of new Kilim are 1) matching pieces. Designs can typically be replicated and you can match pillow sets, rugs, runners, etc. 2) They are machine washable (but please hang dry)! If you have young children or pets that like to cause a mess, these may be more appealing. 3) They are *typically* more vibrant. Due to the nature of being new, the color is more potent. Please note, the more new Kilim is washed, the more the color will fade over time, just like washing your favorite bright colored shirt! 



Vintage Kilim is hand loomed, 100% wool, and are thicker to touch. Please note that they can only be hand washed and we recommend using baby shampoo or a very gentle cleaner to preserve the color and fabric. The benefits of vintage Kilim are 1) They are typically more expressive pieces. Because every thread of wool is sewn by hand, they have a rich history that turns into a piece of art. Each rug, pillow, or runner in our shop is one of a kind. 2) Vintage Kilims are harder to find. These pieces do not come straight from an artisan to your home, but are passed down for generations like precious jewelry or family heirlooms. 3) They may bring a softer feel to a room. Even with deep colors, the wear over time allows the pieces to add a unique flair, but also blend in with a room. 




Whew! 😅 That was a lot of information! We know that everyone has their own style and we hope you will consider browsing our collections for inspiration in your own home! If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts, we are here to help! Send us a note at


The Casahara Bazaar Team 

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