How to Stuff Your Pillows & Poufs

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Wondering how to stuff your kilim pillows and poufs? Or any pillow for that matter? If so then you're in the right place! We have put together a quick list of Amazon finds to compliment your new (or vintage) kilim pillows (and rugs)! Below are a range of pillow inserts and rug gripper pads. We have personally vetted through each product to make sure they are products we can stand behind. We do receive a (very) small commission when you purchase through the links below and your support is much appreciated! 

We recommend pillow inserts that are 2-3 inches larger than your pillow for that overstuffed look! For example, with our 18"x18" pillows we recommend 20"x 20" inserts. 


Amazon has a wide array of pillow insert options ranging from very basic to very comfortable. Our favorites for comfort come from Foamily in a 4 pack and are hypoallergenic. Check out the 18"x18" set here and 20"x 20" set here. These pillows have 38k+ 5 star ratings!

If you are looking for a set of two pillow inserts, check out the Utopia Bedding Throw Pillow Inserts with 72k+ 5 star reviews and range in sizes from 12"x12" to 28"x28".  18"x18" 20"x20" 22"x22" 24"x24" 26"x26" 28"x28" 

Our vintage Kilim pillows are all different shapes and sizes. The great thing about pillow inserts is that they are able to conform to your pillow as long as they are larger than the cover. For example, our Pearl Blush Vintage Kilim Pillows and Sahara Princess pillows are 19.5"x19.5" and we recommend 22"x22". 


What about the kilim pillows that aren't standard sizes? We've got you! Since our vintage Kilim pillows are all hand cut, their sizes tend to vary. We've listed a few tips on how to stuff unique shaped pillows. 

1) One of our favorite ways to stuff our pillows is to simply stuff our own! You can do this by recycling old blankets or towels to save money (and be sustainable).

2) Pillow and pouf stuffing. We discovered the Fairfield PF-5 Poly-Fil Premium Fiber  which has 8K+ 5 star reviews and can fill multiple pillows! Another option with great reviews for half the price is COYMOS 5lbs shredded memory foam.  For poufs, we recommend filling first with 2-3 towels then adding the fiber. Otherwise you will need at least 1.5 bags to fill a pouf.

3) Pillow inserts-don't be afraid to go a bit bigger. The good news is that pillows are malleable and as long as they are not double the size, you can usually make it work! For example, our Mojave Sunrise Vintage Kilim pillows are approximately 16"x24". We found this 17"x27"  (4k+ 5 star reviews) insert that works great. 

4) This may sound crazy, but we found that many shops in the Marrakech, Morocco stuffed their pillows with crumpled newspaper! We never would have known if we had not opened the pillows ourselves. We only recommend this if your pillows are 100% for decor and not to lay or sit on. 

5) Use off season clothes! This may sound crazy, but it is an ingenious way to store clothes you won't be wearing for long periods of time. We recommend this method more for poufs than pillows. 

Lastly, we are big fans of rug slip pads if you have tile or hardwood floors, or your rug is not secured by a couch, table, or bed.


Check out these Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Grippers. They are super affordable and you can easily cut them if needed. They come in a variety of sizes and have 16k+ 5 star reviews! 2"x6" 3"x5" 4"x6" 5"x7" 5"x8"

Want to learn more about Kilim? Read "Kilim' Me Softly" for a quick dose of knowledge!

One thing we loved about Moroccans is their desire to use what they already have. Rather than ordering something new in a few clicks online, they take materials from around their home to stuff their pillows and poufs. 

We hope these products help make your unique style come to life in your home! 


The Casahara Bazaar Team

*Please note that these are affiliate links and we earn small commissions if product is purchased.


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