Will the Real Kilim Please Stand Up?

👋 Tribe! Marie here and I have a confession...

Before traveling to Istanbul, I had not heard of Kilim. When I first saw Kilim rugs and pillows, I realized I had seen them before but I could not figure out where. It hit me that I had seen faux Kilim and Turkish rugs at big name home goods stores. They are able to mass produce at a fraction of the cost and in return you get a more affordable product that mirrors the real thing. 


So why spend more money on an authentic vintage Kilim rug when you can get a knockoff for a fraction of the cost? Like a lot of you, I like a good deal. I typically buy the generic version of over the counter meds versus the name brands. I love a good Amazon knockoff if I know it’s a product I won’t use or wear all of the time. However, one key thing I have learned as I get older (hello 30’s!) is that quality matters. Have you ever bought a dupe designer bag that you use daily but it only lasts a year or two versus the real deal lasting forever? Have you ever spent $100 on a cheap online boutique haul to realize you only get one or two wears out of every piece, whereas spending $100 on a good pair of jeans will last you years? Have you ever flown more than two hours on a budget airlines flight and regretted not paying the extra $50 to fly an airline with acceptable legroom and seats that recline? I think you get my point. 


Kilim rugs and Turkish carpets are being duped left and right but I won’t judge anyone that has purchased one...seriously. We are all after the same goal of creating a unique space that feels like home, am I right? However, I am here to educate you on the quality of buying authentic handmade vintage Kilim. Most of these vintage Kilim rugs have been around for hundreds of years and they are still in incredible condition. Turkish artisans take great pride in their work. They spend weeks and even months creating a single rug. Even small rugs are not made in a day. 

While you may find similar designs, no two pieces are identical. One exception would be if the vintage Kilim rugs come from the same family, but even then you will find slight differences due to the handmade nature. These intricate pieces of fabric hold secrets and tales that have been passed down for generations and are made of incredible quality. Patterns of vintage Kilim rugs were often created based on an artisan’s stage of life. These themes may include wishes for happiness for their children, protection for their families, and more. 

Each piece is hand loomed with great care to ensure every detail is in place and made at the highest quality. They use 100% wool and natural dyes. The elaborate patterns are created by winding the colored weft threads backwards and forwards around pairs of warped threads. This ultimately creates a flat weave. You will also notice holes throughout some of the vintage Kilim rugs. These are to keep the rugs from stretching out and threads from coming loose. This ingenious technique is what makes the rugs defy daily wear. It’s like each artisan’s magic is bonded in the fibers of their creations to withstand the test of time. 



Do you have any specific questions about Kilim rugs or pillows? We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note @info@casaharabazaar.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 



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