Casahara strives to create a brighter future for the planet and the people living on it! Although we may not be perfect, we try our best to be plastic-free and generate the least amount of waste possible. 


Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

Every order is wrapped in recycled kraft paper, and shipped in a biodegradable bag or recyclable box. All other materials that may be present in your shipment are 100% recyclable or compostable. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We offset carbon emissions on every order shipped.

You may have heard this term used before and be wondering what is a carbon emission offset? In short, when shipping goods between locations, the transportation methods release greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. While shipping is necessary for most online businesses, it does impact the planet and contribute to global warming.

With a carbon offset, the total amount of emissions generated from each shipment is calculated. Then Casahara purchases carbon offset credits that go toward projects to reduce, remove, or capture carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere. A few examples of these projects include building a wind farm to lower reliance on fossil fuels, increasing insulation in buildings to reduce heat loss, reforestation, or community projects to introduce energy-efficient methods or technology to undeveloped communities around the world.

Vintage is Sustainable!

If you've peeked around our shop you've probably noticed that many of our pieces are indeed vintage! Did you know that buying anything vintage or pre-loved is one of the most sustainable ways to shop? Buying vintage means less energy used and fewer pollutants emitted into the atmosphere to create brand new pieces. In addition, it prolongs the life of an item and redirects it away from the landfill.