Originally from San Clemente, California, Marie caught the “travel bug” in college when she studied abroad in Spain. She has traveled all over Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, and more. In March 2019, Marie traveled to Switzerland to visit her best friend and ended up meeting her future husband. They married in December 2020 and she moved to Switzerland in August 2021. Her love for travel and experiencing new cultures was the catapult to creating a shop where she can bring these experiences to the homes of others. She believes that home is not a single place, but where you feel the most comfort and joy to express your true authentic self. She can’t wait to share amazing gems from around the world to bring into your home.


Originally from San Diego, Kristy left her job and sold everything in 2017 to live nomadically. It was her dream from a young age to live a life full of adventure, creativity, and do it on her own terms. In 2018, after living in Bali for some time she launched her first business, Nomad Nextdoor, a brand offering Rattan Bags and Travel-Inspired Jewelry, all handmade by Balinese artisans. She is passionate about designing new pieces that bring customers joy, as well as supporting craftsmen in developing communities and making a positive impact on their social and economic well-being. 

After basing herself in Switzerland, meeting her soulmate, and moving into a longer-term living space, her passion for interior decorating kicked into high-gear, and she found herself curating an indoor jungle. Fantasising about creating a dreamy home oasis filled with swoonworthy pieces, she found herself obsessing over the textiles from Turkey and Morocco. On a trip to Istanbul with co-founder Marie, the idea emerged to create a brand that would fulfil their decorating dreams, and thus Casahara was born.