Casahara founders 

On a sunny September afternoon in Bern, Switzerland, Kristy and Marie sat beside the Aare river reminiscing about their past. From their days in California working together in the wine industry, to backpacking across continents, and coincidentally, both meeting their soul mates on the other side of the world in Switzerland. Both of their separate paths had brought them to this magical country, where they were reunited after several years apart. They once again bonded over their love of globe trotting, filling each other in on the array of adventures they had experienced since they last saw each other. The summer day’s cool breeze signified autumn was around the corner, and so was a new adventure.

After almost two years of living through the pandemic, Kristy and Marie deeply felt the absence of travel and yearned for a new venture. Not more than a few days later, they boarded a flight to Istanbul, Turkey, where they spent the next days wandering through the Grand Bazaar, swooning over the lush fabrics, rich colors, and intricate textures of the vintage kilim rugs and pillows. While carefully curating pieces for their own homes, an idea sparked. 

Knowing they had stumbled upon a plethora of hidden gems, they felt eager to share their discoveries with the rest of the world. At that moment, Casahara Bazaar was born. Their mission was to bring the unique aesthetic of individual cultures to the living spaces of fellow globetrotters and home decor enthusiasts. Casahara comes from “Casa” and “Sahara” where home meets the desert and beyond.

Each piece in our shop is carefully hand picked and ethically sourced by our founders, Kristy and Marie. They curate pieces from local artisans of the region, who offer unique collections of decor that cannot be found anywhere else. Casahara Bazaar strives to offer a range of home accessories that will enhance any living space.