Bali Rattan Pencil Holder



Handcrafted by artisans in Bali, our Bali Rattan Pencil Holders are great for everyday use around your home, not only to hold your pens or pencils, but also straws, utensils, and can even be used as a coozie to keep your beverage cold! These perfectly hold your Bali Brass Spoons and  

Our rattan pencil holders are crafted from a vine native to the volcanic foothills on the island of Bali. First, the stems are braided to create unique patterns, then dried in the sun for several days. After drying, the rattan pencil holders are toasted over coconuts, which strengthens the rattan and gives them their beautiful golden color and initial toasty aroma.


-1 Bali Rattan Pencil Holder


3.5in diameter, 5in height


Our Bali Rattan Pencil Holders are eco-friendly and made with 100% sustainable natural materials (Balinese vines). Our rattan pencil holders are handmade, emitting very little C02. Every order from Casahara Bazaar is shipped in a recyclable or compostable shipping bag. 

Please Note: Due to being handcrafted, no two rattan pencil holders are identical and may have slight imperfections. You may also notice a slight "toasted" aroma. This comes from the rattan being toasted over coconut to strengthen and add longevity to the pencil holders. This will fade over time. We recommend leaving the coasters outside for a few days in a bag with coffee grounds or baking powder to release the aroma. 

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