DREAMY Brass Spoons Set (Big Spoons)

Coming from the Island of the Gods, the Bali Brass Spoon Set will bring happy, classy, fun vibes to your next happy hour or dinner party. Use these little spoons to serve your favourite tapas and dips, or bring them out for a sweet surprise when dessert is served. This set also makes the PERFECT GIFT for someone who loves cooking or entertaining!

These brass spoons are a great eco-friendly alternative to using disposable serving utensils. This set even comes GIFT READY- packaged in a 100% Recyclable Gift Box, so you can store your spoons safely, reuse or recycle the box, and do good for our planet! Plus, every order from Casahara Bazaar is shipped in a recyclable or compostable shipping bag.

4 Unique Big Spoons (1 of each of the following):
1 x Rainbow Spoon
1 x Sun Spoon
1 x Moon Spoon
1 x Flower Spoon

Spoon Length: 20-22cm

Hand wash with soap and hot water. Avoid dishwasher to keep spoons in top condition.

Please Note: Due to being handcrafted, no two spoons are identical and may have slight imperfections.

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